Wednesday, 18 October 2017

hobby table mess.. Hobby zone large brush and tool holder review.

When your hobby table looks like mine you need something that will A) make it look tidy and B) able to easily access all your hobby tools and paint brushes easily..

a bit of a mess.

Step in the Hobby Zone Tool and Brush holder.

Arriving in a very sturdy card board box and full of bubble wrap
the first thing you notice is that it feels that its quality and the wood is thick and sturdy with all the cuts and holes are made precisely.

Armed with some wood glue the easy to follow instructions and masking tape I set to work building it.

The next step after glueing all the slats in place was to use the masking tape to hold everything together while the glue drys.

After this dried I added the lip around the edge which was made up of 2 pieces which were also glued and taped and then glued to the stand. Next were the two side parts that the brushed drop into.

After about an hour so the glue can dry (only took 5 mines to put together) it was done.

just look how tidy my table is now.

Nice and tidy!

I think next I want to find some shelves or make some so I can easily get to my paints rather then storing them in a GW case. I don't have a lot of room so research is needed.
Any suggestions or if you have examples of a shelves to fit dropper bottles and GW paints let me know.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Paint On Brush...Getting the Wargaming Mojo back.

Over the last coupe of weeks I have been putting lot of stuff on ebay clearing space and trying to streamline my hobby.

After selling said minis I bought a couple of things from a face book group on the cheap. I finally got my hands on a Lord of Plagues mini which I have always really liked the look of.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

SUMMERs been and gone..

Well as you can see I have not managed to post on here for over two months. Its been an interesting summer as its been mixed with life stuff and lots of DIY....

So what have I been up to gaming wise well sadly not much. I popped down to the creative biscuit in July to have a go of gore chosen which was gate fun with Matt and Lano but also very devastating as in one roll of a 6 I was out of the game due to Lano's hot dice and unfortunate fate card.

Friday, 16 June 2017

4 Ground Mordanburg Terrain

At Salute this year I treated my self to some 4 Ground Terrain.

One was this Backstreet Hovel and a nice looking Well to go with it.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

GrimLok The Hard Headed

After The Battle Grimlok needed to be painted for his heroics.. So I present to you Grimlok...

He's ready to lead the Dwarves to glory!